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Welcome to the journal of Lindsay, a.k.a. Catalyst.

This is the place where I write. No, not ramblings like in my personal journal but write write. Meaning I'll be posting all the links to my fanfiction here, either in a post or a link to my fanfiction.net username or the story link, giving you a summary here and so forth. I'll also be entering theavatar100 challenges through this username and posting with this username anything else that has to do with my writing.

Want my personal thoughts or just random rambling? Go to amethyststeam; this journal will ONLY be for my writing. :))

But before I can introduce you to my writing, I have to introduce you all to myself first, because that'll be key to what I write, how I write and what I write about. Want to know more about me or more about a specific story/drabble? Comment on one of my entries (preferably the relevent one ;)) and I'll be more than happy to talk to you about things; as I writer I do love to write. A lot. XD

So let's see some stuff about me!


lindsay.chicago.gemini.cancer.twin sisters.both parents.


books.chocolate.family.computer stuff.fanfiction.friends.food.graphics.
hanging with friends.icons.internet.ipods.listening to music.pictures.reading.
swimming.writing.making memories.movies.music.sunsets.water balloons.


rude people.bad drivers.people disturbing my peace.obnoxious racket.
stupid fashion trends.waking up early.mornings.not getting sleep.
being in a desert.fake people.


tamora pierce.scott westerfeld.zoey dean.libba bray.nora roberts.francine pascal.
tanith lee.j.k. rowling.sherryl jordan.jane austen.melody carlson.diane duane.
ann rinaldi.jodi picoult.megan whalen turner.laurie halse anderson.
shakespeare.lynne ewing.


abingdon boys school.alice nine.the all-american rejects.anberlin.angela aki.antic café.
bonnie pink.bryan adams.carrie underwood.celine dion.daughtry.delta goodrem.
elvis presley.five for fighting.the fray.the gazette.hoobastank.idina menzel.
imogen heap.jem.kagrra,.kelly clarkson.the killers.lifehouse.mae.matchbox twenty.
my chemical romance.natasha bedingfield.nickelback.o.a.r..p!nk.paramore.queen.
the red jumpsuit apparatus.rise against.simple plan.snow patrol.t.a.t.u..tom jones.
tori amos.within temptation.3 doors down.


avatar: the last airbender.grey's anatomy.sex and the city.ugly betty.house m.d.


Death Note. *note to self: check into more animes/mangas*


pirates of the caribbean.lord of the rings.the road to el dorado.anastasia.
the princess bride.a tale of two cities.the merchant of venice.wild wild west.
legally blonde.mulan.hitch.halloween.stick it!.schindler's list.marie antionette.
pride and prejudice.sense and sensibility.harry potter.aladdin.the lion king.
beauty and the beast.spirited away.enchanted.sweeney todd.27 dresses.hamlet.
howl's moving castle.the prince of egypt.a midsummer night's dream.the mummy.
the mummy returns.


gwyneth and the thief.miranda and the warrior.ella enchanted.goddess of yesterday.
in my father's house.time enough for drums.the coffin quilt.or give me death.
spindle's end.winter of fire.speak.catalyst.the merchant of venice.a northern light.
macbeth.a tale of two cities.midsummer night's dream.head over heels.peeps.pretties.
specials.blood and chocolate.a great and terrible beauty.rebel angels.
the sweet far thing.my sister's keeper.the tenth circle.the thief.the queen of attolia.
the king of attolia.second glance.nineteen minutes.salem falls.plain truth.
change of heart.vanishing acts.keeping faith.airhead.


daughters of the moon.the circle of magic.the circle opens.fearless.fearless:fbi.
harry potter.sons of the dark.the a-list.acorna.song of the lioness.the immortals.
trickster's.protector of the small.the mediator.


the sims 2.golden sun.golden sun: the lost age.photoshop.lifeguarding.the ocean.water.beaches.icontests.making graphics.aim.livejournal.screencapping.swim team.rollercoasters.sunglasses.flute.band.ankle bracelets.old friends.animals.yearbooks.

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